Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FHM Russian magazine highlights Quiksilver Lodge backpack !

Quiksilver Lodge backpack and famous deep jungle print are featured in FHM Russian magazine !

„Everyday poster“ bag in Russian Men’s Health magazine !

Quiksilver Everyday poster backpack is featured in Russian Men’s Health magazine as the „must have“ to get the new tropical flower trend !

Red Bulletin magazine features Quiksilver’s denim !

Quiksilver jean is highlighted in an article of Red Bulletin magazine !

Quiksilver brand is mentionned in with the Ghetto dog’s come back !

Notion magazine mentionned the come back of Ghetto dog, a surfers emblem and a memorable print designed by Quiksilver in its „Modern Original’s collection“ ! 

AG47 amphibian, Quiksilver Shoes featured in Carve magazine !

Carve magazine features Quiksilver AG47 amphibian shoes in ist fashion pages !

Boardshorts’s story is highlighted in Comme un camion, a famous french blog !

The story of boardshorts is highlighted in a famous french blog called Comme un camion. We can learn the birth and origin of the boardshorts. Quiksilver is mentionned as a precursor in boardshorts’s comfort for surfers !

Check out the full article here !

Sport&Style french instagram account highlights Jeremy Flores, the famous Quiksilver athletes !

Sport&Style instagram account posted articles about Jeremy’s Flores life in Coolangata, Australia. The rider is wearing Quiksilver clothes. He’s mentionned as an excellent and stylish surfer !

Quiksilver skateboard highlighted in Joyce magazine !

Quiksilver skateboard is featured in fashion section of Joyce magazine !

AG47 new wave bonded and everyday boardshorts highlighted in !

Quiksilver AG47 new wave bonded and everyday boardshorts are highlighted in Spanish GQ website !

Adriana Ugarte’s boyfriend appears with Quiksilver tee-shirt in Diez Minutos magazine !

Adriana Ugarte, a famous Spanish actor is featured with her boyfriend in Diez Minutos magazine. The boy is wearing a Quiksilver tee-shirt !

Quiksilver wetsuit worn by Hugo Silva in Cuore magazine!

Hugo Silva, a famous Spanish actor appears with his new girlfriend in Cuore magazine wearing Quiksilver wetsuit.

Hugo Silva, a famous spanish actor appears in Corazon magazine wearing Quiksilver wetsuit !

Quiksilver wetsuit is highlighted in Corazon magazine worn to Hugo Silva, a famous actor. We can see him after a surf session with his new grilfriend, wearing a Quiksilver wetsuit !

Genussmaenner website features Raffle Quiksilver boardshorts !

Raffle Quiksilver boardshorts is highlighted on Genussmaener German website !

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Friday, June 5, 2015

The famous fashion blog in Russia, The style jungle focuses on ROXY #runsupyoga best moments in Barceloneta beach !

The blogger shares her experience at this all-day fitness event in Barcelona. Want to see her having fun in yoga class ?

Check out the full feature here !, a famous fashion Russian blog features ROXY Barcelona #runsupyoga event !

ROXY #runsupyoga is featured in the style jungle blog, Russian fashion blog ! The article featured activities were of ROXY fitness event first edition ! Running race, paddle race and yoga class on the beach !

Check out the full article here !

ROXY #runsupyoga in Barcelona is featured in Russian Marie Claire webzine ! focuses on ROXY #runsupyoga fitness event in Barcelona ! Yoga class, paddle race and ROXY girls : Justine Mauvin, Torah Bright and Bruna Schimtz having fun are featured in this article ! 

Check out the full article here !

Russian Marieclaire webzine talks about ROXY #runsupyoga event !

ROXY #runsupyoga event is featured in the Russian Marieclaire webzine as an exceptionall all-day fitness event dedicated to girls in Barcelona !

Check out the full article here !

Russian Cosmopolitan webzine focuses on ROXY #runsupyoga in Barcelona !

Russian Cosmopolitan webzine posted an article with many pictures of ROXY #runsupyoga fitness event in Barcelona ! Pictures showing ROXY girls Justine Mauvin, Torah Bright and Bruna Schmitz having fun !

Check out the full article here !

Russian Cosmopolitan magazine features ROXY #runsupyoga in Barcelona !

The activities of ROXY #runsupyoga event are featured in this Cosmopolitan’s article. ROXY #runsupyoga is an exceptional all-day event, inviting girls to run, stand-up paddle and stretch together in the name of fitness !

Check out the full article here !