Monday, March 30, 2015 Features Spirit Bra in "Best Sports Bras for Every Workout" featured Roxy in their recent bra round up. The editors chose to include the Spirit Bra, after using it in spin classes and other various workouts, the bra proved to be comfy and supportive in all that it was used for. The post includes an image of the bra and readers are directed to for purchase. Check out the full round up HERE! includes Quiksilver's AG47 Technology has featured Quiksilver’s AG47 technology in a recent post. The editor touches on the technology incorporated into both the AG47 New Wave Bonded and Amphibian Shoe. The shoes and boardshorts are described as stylish ways to keep yourself comfortable as the weather begins warming up. The post includes images of both products as well as a link to Quiksilver’s site. Check out the full link HERE!

Roxy's Spirit Bra Included in Women's Running:Bosom Buddy Awards

Women’s Running included the Roxy Spirit Bra in a recent Roundup. The Spirit Bra is included in the athletic section being described as a snug fit for any workout using ruching to provide a sleek style. An image and price of the bra is included and readers are directed to Roxy’s website for purchase.

Sports Illustrated Catches Up With DC's Chris Cole

Sports Illustrated The Edge has featured Chris Cole in a recent “On the Road” Feature. Chris talks about traveling tips, how having someone with you help keeps you happy, giving away T’s lightens his travel bag and discusses how his signature Cole Lite 2 is the most comfortable shoe to wear competing or at the restaurant. Chris also discusses the perks of picking clothes from his “Initials Collection” and how he enjoys dressing himself in comfort. Check out the full story HERE! Features Roxy Winter Gear Review- "an Ode to Roxy", an online snow outlet, featured Roxy outerwear in a recent review. The article includes the editor’s feelings on Roxy as a brand and discusses how this stylish apparel performs so well, mentioning that Roxy, being woman-focused, consistently grabs her attention. The article includes images of each product, as well as lifestyle shots of the editor wearing the gear on the mountain. While focused around current product, the editor had a chance to learn about the Biotherm collaboration at SIA, and included it in her review.  The post includes links to Roxy’s website to purchase, as well as options of Spring / Summer apparel for readers in warmer climates who are thinking ahead to the next season. Check out the full story HERE!

Black Neoprene swimsuit in VOGUE Magazine!

The famous Global Fashion Magazine VOGUE includes a ROXY black Neoprene swimsuit in its look! Take a look below!

Friday, March 27, 2015

WOMEN'S HEALTH: Practice Martialarts with Roxy Fitness gear!

Women's Health Magazine suggests Roxy Fitness pant in its look to practice Martialarts! Take a look below!

Get the Roxy after skiing look in DIVINITY!

Divinity Magazine includes Roxy Wintersports products in its section "Lo màs top" : Roxy belt, accessories, boots... Take a look below!


Women's Fitness : Let's explore Ibiza with Roxy Fitness gear!

Women's Fitness Magazine advices Roxy outdoor Fitness gear to explore Ibiza, the island of adventure!

Torah Bright Influencer Jacket in Women's Fitness Magazine!

Women's Fitness Magazine includes Roxy Torah Bright influencer in its pages "features perfect prezzies"! This Ski/Board Jacket is stylish enough to be worn off the slopes too! Check out the Torah Bright Jacket below!

WOMAN FITNESS : Want to be "chic" when working out? Get Roxy Fitness products!

Fitness Woman Magazine, includes Roxy Fitness Jacket to get the beauty sport look! Want to be "chic" when working out? Check out the full look below!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Roxy surfboard in ELLE Top trends!

In its "PeopleLove" section, ELLE magazine includes a Roxy surfboard to match with the Boho Hippy look! A surfboard which deserves to be in ELLE TOP TRENDS! Take a look below!

YOUR FITNESS Magazine highlights Roxy's dryflight technology!

YOUR FITNESS Magazine includes Roxy Fitness products and encourages you to brave and bright in your fit kit! The article points out Roxy's dryflight technology that offers seamless support and targeted ventilation for optimum comfort! Check out the looks below!

Roxy neon-green nylon and elastane wetsuit in STELLA!

In a special section "Health and Fitness special", STELLA Magazine shows you how to dress up to work out and maximise your health, including ROXY Navy neon-green nylon and elastane wetsuit! Take a look below!

Roxy Fitness night time necessities in COSMOPOLITAN BODY!

Cosmopolitan Body Magazine suggests some Fitness night time necessities that will keep you high visible, no matter how dark it is! Check out the look below!

Roxy Wintersports gear in AMERICAN WAY!

American Way Magazine presents 3 Wintersports looks, including Roxy products! Snowboard chic? Technical cool? Glamazon Power? Take a look below to see which look suits you!

ABSOLUTELY CHISWICK : Get the fitness style starts with dressing up yourself with Roxy Fitness gear!

Absolutely Chiswick Magazine offers you some solutions to take yourself out of your comfort zone! It begins with dressing up yourself with ROXY Fitness products! Take a look below!

Roxy and Stella McCartney Fitness look in S Magazine!

S Magazine includes Roxy bra, top and short in its fashion Fitness look! Want to see what looks like a fitness look with Stella McCartney and Roxy clothes? Take a look below!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Roxy grey hooded zip-up in the DAILY EXPRESS!

The Daily Express presents some Fitness essentials, including the Roxy grey hooded zip-up! Check out the look below!

The DAILY MIRROR : Let's get physical with Roxy Fitness products!

The Daily Mirror Newspaper includes Roxy Fitness products in its section "Your life". Let's get physical with Roxy! Check out the full look below!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roxy wetsuit in ALVAR!

The British culture and style Magazine, ALVAR,includes Roxy Wetsuit! Check out the look below!

Lisa Andersen in FUNSPORTING Magazine!

Focus on the 25 Years of Roxy in Funsporting Magazine! To read the full article and watch Lisa Andersen's video, click here!

Highlight on Kelia Moniz in Golden Ride Magazine!

Golden Ride Magazine discusses the 25 Years of Roxy, and focuses on Kelia Moniz, Roxy Team athlete and model. Check out the full article here!

Roxy products and accessories in BLONDE Magazine!

The German Magazine, BLONDE, includes Roxy shirt and backpack! Take a look below!

Focus on Roxy & Pendleton collaboration by MAYBE YOU LIKE

MAYBE YOU LIKE blog presents the new ROXY X PENDLETON SS15 lookbook! To know more about Roxy & Pendleton collaboration, check out the full article here!

Roxy products highlighted in GLAMOUR

In its article "From Paris to Sydney, how to dress up to do sport?", GLAMOUR Magazine includes Roxy beach towel and mini short! Check out the products below!