Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ABC presents Roxy female Pro surfers.

ABC selected Roxy Pro surfers in his article.

Women's fitness included Roxy in his snow gear selection and his clothes selection.

Women's fitness features Roxy neck warmer & jumper.

The australian magazine features Roxy products in their fashion look.

Dolly magazine offers Roxy parka in their picture.

It girl offers Roxy clothes and accessories in their magazine.

The australian magazine shows Roxy bag, hat, swimwear and sweatshirt in their fashion pages.

Roxy backpack is highlighted in Fitness First magazine

We can see Roxy backpack in fashion pages. 

Girlfriend appears Roxy clothes in their fashion pages.

Roxy is illustrated in the australian magazine 

Cosmopolitan magazine features Roxy cardigan in their fashion pages.

The australian magazine decided to illustrate Roxy cardigan

Vogue magazine appears Roxy publicity in their pages.

The Australian magazine Vogue selected Roxy to his article.

Pro skier, Candide Thovex, Quiksilver athlete is featuring in the czech website.

Candide Thovex and his new video, with Maxim website.

Jenproholky.cz displays Candide Thovex's video.

One of those days 3 - Candide Thovex, Quiksilver athlete.

Snow.cz features Candide Thovex's video.

The czech website shows Candide Thovex's video, One of those days 3

Sportrevue.cz illustrated Curt Morgan with Quiksilver

Curt Morgan's video is featuring in the czech website.

Jenprozeny.cz displays Quiksilver athlete.

Go to see Candide Thovex's video!

Ceskatelevize.cz appears Quiksilver snow gear.

The czech website included Quiksilver goggles in their pages.

Jenpromuze.cz features Candide Thovex's video.

JPM shows Candide Thovex's video.

Sport.aktualne.cz website presents Quiksilver athlete in their sport pages.

Vavrinec Hradilek is featuring with Quiksilver in czech website.

Cool.iprima.cz presents Quiksilver athlete in his website.

The czech magazine decided to illustrate Candide Thovex's video.

Roxy skis are highlighted in Isport.blesk.cz

The czech magazine selected Quiksilver skis to illustrate their fashion pages.

The czech magazine selected Quiksilver products in their pictures.

Quiksilver t-shirt is featuring in JOY magazine.

Glamour magazine displays Quiksilver backpack in their shopping selection.

In the russian magazine Glamour, Quiksilver backpack is highlighted.

Yo Dona magazine appears Quiksilver cap.

The spain magazine included Quiksilver cap in their shopping selection.

Corazon magazine featuring Quiksilver jacket.

Quiksilver jacket is illustrated in the spain magazine.