Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beach brother features the ROXY #runsupyoga in Barcelona !

ROXY #runsupyoga event is featured as an exceptional fitness day for women in an article on Beach brother website.

Check out the full article here !

A beauty journalist talks about ROXY #runsupyoga event in Barcelona !

Cecile Espinasse, a beauty journalist posted pictures on her instagram account of the amazing heli view of the ROXY yoga class with Xuan Lan in Barcelona !

Check out the Instagram account here !

Run chic features the ROXY #run.supyoga event in Barcelona !

The Roxy #runsupyoga is featured on Runchic’s website. The article invites fitness’s girls to suscribe at the event on Barcelona to enjoy it and have fun with Roxy girls.

 Check out the full article here !

Tweet about ROXY #runsupyoga by Mango and Salt !

Victoria, a fashion blogger from Barcelona talks about the incredible heli view of the #runsupyoga event in Barcelona. 

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Be magazine features the ROXY #runsupyoga event in Barcelona !

Be magazine shared 3 pictures of ROXY #runsupyoga greatest moments in Barcelona on his Instagram account !

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ROXY #runsupyoga on twitter !

The other art of living, the famous fashion blog tells the great and funny experience she had at #runsupyoga Barcelona event !

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Sophie, a famous fashion blogger talks about ROXY #runsupyoga event !

The other art of living, a famous fashion blogger tells her amazing experience at the ROXY #runsupyoga in Barcelona across 8 pictures on her instagram account ! 

Check out the instagram account here !

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quiksilver’s athlete in « Jeune Afrique » magazine !

« Jeune Afrique » magazine posted recently an article about Ramzi Boukiam, a young Quiksilver’s athlete. The article talks about Ramzi’s life and explain how the African boy succeed to practice surf internationally. 

Grazia features Roxy’s swimwear !

Roxy swimwear summer collection is highlighted in one of fashion pages in Grazia magazine !

Roxy swimwear in the Sunday times magazine !

Roxy swimwear is featured in the Sunday times magazine ! A fashion article highlighted our Roxy high line rashguard swimwear. The article features the swimwear as a gorgeous long-sleeved swimsuit that will enable you to ditch the body make-up ! Our product is describes as excellent for dark skin !

A famous boardsports blog talks about Roxy X Pendleton !

“Maybe you like” it’s a boardsports blog in Germany. The blogger highlighted one product of the Roxy X Pendleton collection in one her articles.

Roxy’s cruisin short in the italian Cosmopolitan magazine !

Cosmopolitan magazine highlighted our cruising shorst in one of their fitness pages in Italy !

Roxy’s Moonshine tank in Russia Instyle magazine.

Instyle magazine features the Roxy moonshine tank in his fitness section.

Roxy’s Pop surf wetsuit in the italian Windsurfer magazine !

Price and description of optic nature wetsuit are including in one fashion article of Windsurfer magazine in Italy. 

Roxy’s relay pant in Joy magazine !

Joy magazine highlighted the famous fitness’s pant of Roxy’s summer collection in a fashion article.

OL4YOU blesses 3 articles for Roxy’s products !

Our fitness products are featured in 3 pages of OL4YOU magazine ! 

Roxy’s outfit in an Italian magazine !

One of our fitness outfits is featured in an important fashion Italian magazine.

Roxy’s morning soon jacket in Neon magazine.

One of Neon’s model is wearing by the Roxy’s morning soon jacket in their magazine.

Roxy’s outfit in Cosmopolitan magazine !

Cosmopolitan features one Roxy’s outfit with relay pant as perfect for running !

Roxy’s products in Glamour magazine !

Glamour features our Roxy optic nature wetsuit in glam mode’s section and one Roxy X Pendleton’s bag in his life style’s section !

Roxy’s optic Nature wetsuit in Biba !

Our famous wetsuit is highlighted in fashions fit’s section of Biba !